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Apples of Gold


Apples of Gold is a team of PBC people whose heart is to take ‘a word fitly spoken’ (Proverbs 25:11) to the elderly and infirm in Pembury and the local area.

We have various teams, some focusing on taking crafts and activities, talks, hymns and food into the lounge at two local residential flats at Christmas, Easter and Harvest which is enjoyed enormously by residents and volunteers alike! Others go to two residential homes once a month to take stories of Jesus, singing and crafts to jog memories and build connections with those who are suffering from varying types of dementia. Others go into another residential home once a month to sit with those who are bedridden, read God’s word, pray and sing over these lovely hurting people. It is patient work but extremely rewarding. We regularly see residents moved to tears when God’s word is read or joining in with singing a well known hymn. We give thanks to God for these many blessings.