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Blend is an after school drop-in activity cafe for school years 7-10, offering games and time to chat and relax. A tuck shop is open for sweets, crisps, drinks and milkshakes. 

Blend opens in term time every Friday from 4pm-6pm.  It's held in the Youth Hut, situated behind the Church.

Blend is a drop in relaxed space for young people to just turn up on there own or with friends. A registration form will be given for contact details when your child attends. 

The volunteers at Blend are all DBS checked, have safeguarding training and a first aid trained person is present.


"Blend is a chance where I get to see my friends."

"Somewhere I can get space from everyday life, and spend time with my friends"

"It's fun" x 2

"I like to come and see the adults, because they are the best" 


"Something to do on a Friday evening with friends"

"The Nich makes it fun"

"It is where all my friends hang out." 

"To clear my head and take time away from technology"

 "To get out of my house and be with friends"