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Serve and give



PBC is a family that we'd love you to be part of. One great way to do that is to serve. All our many activities rely on people to serve to make them happen. It's part of our worship to God. We're not just interested in filling rotas though and we certainly don't want anyone to be a square peg in a round hole!

We're passionate about seeing everyone flourishing by using their God-given gifts to bless others. You don't need to be perfect though - the main thing is to have a servant's heart. Talk to Pastor Dan or one of the team.


We don't receive any outside funding to cover our on-going staffing, ministry, administration and maintenance costs. We rely totally on the generosity of our wonderful congregation! Giving money is part of our worship to God. It's possible to contribute to the weekly offering on a Sunday morning, but many people set up a standing order to give regularly. You can do this by emailing our Treasurer Daph Beard.