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Come and be a Mary


26th November 2021

Hi everyone,

Do you know the story of the sisters Mary and Martha? Martha invites Jesus to their home yet understandably gets caught up with all the meal preparations. She vents her frustrations with Mary who is just sitting listening to Jesus and not lifting a finger to help!

I can totally empathise with poor Martha and as Advent begins the countdown to Christmas with all our preparations it can feel like a ‘Martha time of year’! Last year lockdown was tough and it felt a bit like Christmas was cancelled. Perhaps this year we want to catch up on what was lost. Yet in the midst of it all we can easily miss the point, as Martha did. Jesus gently rebuked Martha and actually commended Mary for choosing to listen to him.

On Saturday 4th December we have an opportunity to ‘be a Mary’ for the day. BU President Geoff Colmer is coming to lead us in an Advent Quiet Day from 10am-4pm. If you can make it I’d really encourage you to be kind to yourself and come along – you won’t regret it! Geoff has been a great encouragement to me personally over the years. I know that if we can put the busyness on hold for a few hours we’ll be gently led to the feet of Jesus to hear his voice.

God bless



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