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12th May 2023

Recently in our services we’ve been thinking about being thankful and I am thankful for so much in the life of this church…

For God’s presence with us

If I’m honest, sometimes I get a bit waylaid by the stuff I’m doing for God and I lose sight of just being with God. But God never gives up and gently, faithfully guides me back on the right track. And meeting together as his people is so encouraging – he really is with us – don’t you think?

For our elders and deacons

Meeting regularly to pray and plan; often doing the behind-the-scenes stuff that needs to happen. It’s a great, servant-hearted team that I for one find so supportive.

For testimonies

How great it is to hear of God’s transforming power in our lives and amazing when it is often so personal, authentic and vulnerable. For example, just last Sunday Jean shared beautifully her reflections with us towards the end of the service.

For ‘Immeasurably More’

This is a new women’s discipleship group forming – meeting monthly on Saturday mornings soon. Tanya will tell us more soon.

These are just a few things and of course there is much more. But I am thankful and I hope you can be too.

God bless



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