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Reality defining days


10th May 2024

Last month was St George’s Day and the Pembury Scouts marked it. A week later someone wished me ‘Happy International Jazz Day’ – to be honest I wasn’t even aware it was a thing! Today – 10th May - is apparently ‘International Day of Argania’, on which we remember the argan tree, in case you were wondering. I doubt many of these ‘days’ have much of an impact on our lives, and we’re probably none the worse off if we’re not aware of them…

However there are two days/events we mark in the Christian calendar that are totally life-changing and reality-defining. The first is Easter and the second is Pentecost . That Jesus died and rose again and that the Holy Spirit is here – our whole identity as Christians depends on these unchanging realities.

Of course no matter what time of year it is, we’re always Easter People and Pentecost People too. Nonetheless it’s vital to have times when we remind ourselves of these historical events that changed the world forever – so we can learn to live in the light of them and be transformed by God through them.




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