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Healing miracle caught on camera

19th April 2024


Weathering the Storm

15th March 2024


Trusting God for 2024

19th January 2024



16th November 2023


Joys and Challenges

6th September 2023


Two trips to London

27th April 2023



6th April 2023


Without love we are nothing

17th March 2023


Hunger and Anticipation

3rd March 2023


Birthed and Bathed in Prayer

19th January 2023


The Goodness of God

18th November 2022 


Small Groups

11th January 2022


Prayer Meetings

4th January 2022


Come and be a Mary

26th November 2021


Character speaks Volumes

17th September 2021


Back to Church!

30th July 2021


Speak out for Justice

2nd July 2021


The Holy Spirit is with us

Friday 28th May 2021


Physical Attendance of Sunday Services

15th  April 2021


Holding onto the Promises of God

12th April 2021


What kind of community shall we be?

17th February 2021

Happy New Year!

5th January 2021


Strengthen yourself in the Lord

22nd December 2020


Am I thirsty for more of God?

25th November 2020


And who is my neighbour?

Response to the murder of  George Floyd - 12th June 2020


Maundy Thursday 2020

9th April 2020