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Strengthen yourself in the Lord

22nd December 2020

Its not very Christmassy…but these past couple of days I’ve been drawn to a story in the Bible about David and his ragtag bunch of fighting men. They arrive in the city of Ziklag, only to find the whole place ransacked and all their families and possessions taken captive by their enemies the Amalekites. David and friends are reduced to weeping aloud until they run out of tears. Then, as often people do, his men get bitter and start looking for someone to blame - a scapegoat - and David himself is the obvious choice. 'Let’s stone him’, they say.

What a rough situation! I wouldn’t want to be in David's shoes - would you? But what he does next is amazing. Rather than retaliating or making a rash decision, we’re told David withdrew and ’strengthened himself in the LORD his God.’ (1 Samuel 30:6)

In these hugely challenging times we’re in, God is waiting for us to strengthen ourselves in him . So while this Christmas may not end being our favourite, let's take time to strengthen ourselves in God. Do whatever you need to do - listen to a worship song, light a candle, read the Bible, pray, call a friend, go for a walk...Rest in His presence.
God is waiting for you. Strengthen yourself in him.

Pastor Dan