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What kind of community shall we be?

17th February 2021
Dear friends
Although we are still currently in lockdown, the vaccine programme is progressing quickly and we wonder what post-pandemic life might look like. As we emerge from our bubbles into the 'new normal', we may feel differently, depending on our personalities and experiences. Let’s be kind - both to each other and ourselves! We’ve been in this situation for almost a year and we may experience ‘reverse culture shock’ going back out into society. It will feel strange and may take time to adjust.
As a church it is time for us all to be praying about what PBC will look like when we’re able to start physically meeting safely. Things won’t just slot back into being exactly how they used to be, nor should they. We have an opportunity to reassess. To listen to what the Spirit is saying to us in this season. We won’t have all the answers or all the details mapped out but that’s OK, it’s more about asking the big questions. What and who are we here for? What is God’s agenda for us?
To set the scene, for the next three Sundays we’ll be thinking about ‘What kind of Community shall we be?’ Jennifer Roberts will start us off this Sunday talking about us being a Christ-Centred community , then we’ll look at being a Spirit-filled community and a Unified community. The talks will be based on 1 Corinthians chapters 1-3. 
God bless