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Speak out for Justice

2nd July 2021

It’s now three years since we arrived in Pembury and we’re really grateful to be here! In March 2018, when I preached with a view to becoming your pastor, I talked about when Jesus said in his local synagogue in Nazareth:  ‘The Spirit of the Lord is on me because he has anointed me…’  (Luke 4:18)

Jesus was anointed and filled with the Spirit’s power. But to do what? It was essentially to proclaim justice:

  • Good news for the poor
  • Freedom for the prisoners
  • Recovery of sight for the blind
  • To set the oppressed free

 If we just think of the Holy Spirit as the one who gives us a ‘warm fuzzy feeling’ or who only encounters us  personally , we are falling short of understanding who he is and what is on his heart. If we’re to be a people filled and anointed by the Spirit – like Jesus - we must also share his heart for justice. So this month in our services we’re thinking of four areas of justice:

 4th  July   ‘We need to talk about Race’

11th  July   ‘Serving the Persecuted Church’

18th  July   ‘Daring to care about God’s world’

25th  July   ‘Money, Markets and Morals’

 We may feel a little daunted tackling these big subjects (I do) but let’s also know the wind of the Spirit in our sails as we ‘speak out for justice’ (Proverbs 31:9).

God bless,