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Without love we are nothing

17th March 2023

Dear Friends,

There has been some really lovely feedback from our ‘Going Deeper ’ weekend with the team from Eastgate School of Spiritual Life - many were really inspired, experienced healing and also felt challenged to step out of the boat in their witness to Jesus. Sam gave a testimony to that effect at last Sunday’s service – if you missed it ask him!

It’s worth mentioning that the team visiting were also really encouraged by being among us at the weekend too. Team leader Janice said: ‘I'm left with the lingering memory of the sweet presence of Jesus that I felt so strongly amongst have such honouring, kind, loving hearts that are so open to welcoming Him.’

There are a lot of prophecies, words of knowledge, testimonies and encouragements being given right now – we’re going to start compiling a written record of these that we will be able to refer back to.

Another massive encouragement is the response to the kitchen extension appeal – there is now about £25,000 raised for the fund which is amazing in such a short space of time. Let me echo Daph’s ‘thank you’ for your generosity. At present it looks like work might be able to start in a couple of months.

Two of our new community ventures – Bubbles and the Memory Café – are getting really well established and are helping us to reach out to those at both ends of life’s spectrum – both babies and the elderly. I personally am delighted with these opportunities to serve the community.

All this is activity is genuinely wonderful, yet I’m reminded of the message Colin preached recently from 1 Corinthians 13: it doesn’t matter how much ‘good stuff’ there is happening, if we do not have love, we are nothing. Love comes from God – He is love - and He is truly the centre of it all. Most of all let’s continue to grow as a community centred around God, empowered by His presence and characterised by His love.

God bless